Core Values

Core Values

Humility: When dealing with children, it is essential to exhibit love in our behavior. Kindness, courteousness, generousness and friendliness toward children and fellow workers ¸are strongly encouraged. We are always the examples to the children we care for, therefore our actions toward them as well as outside of the scope of employment must always model that of high humility and integrity. Patience helps us to accept things about others that we sometimes do not understand. Therefore we work in a spirit of joy, laughter and love as well work collectively and harmoniously.

Honor: It is a privilege for each of us at Pear Tree Explorers to work with growing children during their tender years of their lives. With the wealth of knowledge that we have acquired throughout our lives, we are in the position to “pay [our best] forward.” As leaders at Pear Tree Explorers we understand that it is not our right but a privilege to provide our BEST care and teach the wonderful children who will one day impact the world. Therefore it is our duty to provide quality care.

Respect: We are esteemed to embrace variety. Our differences are what make us all unique and together when we apply all the great things that we know, we can build toward greater things. This is why we feel it is of great importance that every person respects one another.

Safety: Our staff members are required to have NYS Health and Safety Certification, First Aid and CPR. In the event of emergencies or evacuations, we are equipped to confidently and diligently secure the safety and well-being of every single person in our care.

Professionalism: As industry leaders, our competences and skills as professionals is what sets us apart. . Our punctuality, our conduct, our professional appearance, our business handling, and our overall business structure is what we want to be remembered by, so that we can continue to deliver high quality of service.

Associate Recognition: At Pear Tree Explorers, we understand the importance of celebrating outstanding work and teamwork. We are against favoritism on any level and all recognition will be to those who have earned it. Celebrating is such a fun way to encourage and support the very backbone of our organization and therefore it is a delight for us to give incentives for eligible associates.

Community Involvement: At Pear Tree Explorers, we ‘explore’ various ways to offer community outreach in order to help strengthen our community. Without our community, we have no place.

Environmental Awareness: We encourage our children and staff to support our environment by being mindful of how we use paper, how we discard trash, how we conserve energy as well as how we recycle.